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Healthcare Sharing Programs

Healthcare sharing programs are a popular, affordable option to healthcare. In 2018, over 1 million Americans decided that this was the best program option for themselves and their families. Rather than pay premiums, members agree to share the cost of each others’ medical bills (as biblically modeled in Acts 4:32) by voluntarily contributing a set monthly amount, which is distributed to individuals based on medical expenses and eligibility. Members can chose their own doctors. Every member must agree to adhere to a statement of beliefs (which include a healthy lifestyle and exclude certain services that members may object to paying for, such as abortions and substance abuse treatments). While not federally regulated, healthcare sharing ministries provide a network of believers who encourage each other, pray for each other, share each other’s financial burdens, ad stick to their budget.

Stop Overpaying for Healthcare

The average insurance cost for individuals can be expensive. Single people in health sharing programs may pay less than $300 per month, and families may pay less than $600, depending on the organization and the unique medical situation. If you are relatively healthy, you may save money with these memberships and radically decrease your out-of-pocket costs.

Find a Community that Supports You in Tough Times

When you join a health share ministry, you give and receive monetary help, but also experience what it is like to be prayed for specifically by others who are sharing your costs. Many members report that their favorite aspect of health sharing is the sense of solidarity they feel with other members.

Discover Peace of Mind that Comes from Faith-Based Programs

You can always know that your financial contributions are going towards medical expenses that fit within your deeply held beliefs; you will not pay for anything that contradicts with your convictions! And with the money saved on healthcare costs, you have more to give back to God. You can invest in what God is doing in your local church or in other ministries as you see fit!