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This is a faith-based program that facilitates voluntary sharing between members.



These programs are exempt from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and can replace your regular insurance.


Only pay for the coverage you need as a faithful Christian


What Is Healthcare Cost-Sharing

The most important aspect of healthcare cost-sharing is that it isn’t federally regulated health insurance. Rather, it is a faith-based program that facilitates voluntary sharing between members, who give and receive monetary assistance for healthcare needs. This is not unlike the risk-pooling nature of health insurance, but cost-sharing plans are designed to bring together people with similar beliefs who want to encourage and support one another. These programs are exempt from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and can replace your regular insurance. Our program is ideal for those who find traditional healthcare costly, lost healthcare coverage, or do not like dealing with ObamaCare.

Join a Community of Like-Minded Christians

Are you searching for an affordable healthcare option? With insurance premiums on an ever-upward trajectory, providing adequate coverage for your family without breaking the bank may seem like a fantasy. Thankfully, there’s a popular alternative to health insurance called healthcare cost-sharing. Over 1 million Americans have decided this is the right option for them!

 Rather than paying premiums, members agree to share the cost of each others’ medical bills by voluntarily contributing a set monthly amount. Everyone’s contributions are distributed as needed to members who accrue eligible medical expenses. In this way, participants “bear one another’s burdens” and “share everything they have,” a Christian mindset illustrated in Galatians 6:2 and Acts 4:32.

If you’re interested in saving on healthcare, joining a community that supports you in tough times, and enjoying peace of mind through participating in a faith-based health sharing program, please contact Christian Health Quotes to learn more!

The average cost of insurance has been on the rise for several years with no reprieve in sight. While the average family pays around $1,600 per month on health insurance premiums, families may receive coverage for less than $600 when they join a Christian health sharing program. Individual coverage is also available, often for less than $300 per month.

If these savings are appealing to you, contact us for your free quote today! Our trustworthy representatives can answer your questions and help you find the program that’s right for you. We carry the top healthcare cost-sharing ministries in the country, including Aliera Healthcare and OneShare Health. Our team is certified to offer information about health sharing plans, and we are also HIPAA-certified to protect our customers’ personal information.

Find Support in Tough Times

Participating in a healthcare cost-sharing program provides the unique opportunity to not only give and receive monetary help but also experience the prayers of others who are sharing your costs. Many members say their favorite part of health sharing is the sense of solidarity they feel with others who take part in the program.

Discover Peace of Mind: Participate in Faith-Based Healthcare Cost-Sharing

Religious organizations structure health sharing programs as “healthcare ministries.” As a result, membership is restricted to believing Christians who agree to follow a statement of beliefs, which includes living a healthy lifestyle and only obtaining faith-promoting healthcare services.

This Christian way of sharing medical costs ensures that your contributions only go toward expenses that fit within your deeply held beliefs. You will never help pay for any services that contradict your convictions! Plus, with lower monthly costs, you have more money left over to give back to God. Invest in your local church, charity, or any other organization as you see fit.

Joining a healthcare cost-sharing ministry can save you money on healthcare, create a sense of solidarity with other members, and give you the chance to participate in a faith-based program. When you’re ready to learn more, please contact us to receive your free estimate! Christian Health Quotes serves customers all across the United States.

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